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Intel® Product Security Center
Intel is focused on ensuring the security of our customers computing environments. We are committed to rapidly addressing issues as they arise, and providing recommendations through security advisories and security notices.

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Intel® launches its first bug bounty program

At the CanSecWest Security conference on March 15, 2017, Intel launched its first Bug Bounty program targeted at Intel Products. We want to encourage researchers to identify issues and bring them to us directly so that we can take prompt steps to evaluate and correct them, and we want to recognize researchers for the work that they put in when researching a vulnerability. By partnering constructively with the security research community, we believe we will be better able to protect our customers. Read full details.

Advisories provide fixes or workarounds for vulnerabilities identified with Intel products.

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Notices provide information of general interest about security topics.

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Reporting a security issue

If you have information about a security issue or vulnerability with an Intel product, please send an e-mail to secure@intel.com. Encrypt sensitive information using our PGP public key.

Please provide as much information as possible, including:

  • The products and versions affected
  • Detailed description of the vulnerability
  • Information on known exploits
  • A member of the Intel Product Security Team will review your e-mail and contact you to collaborate on resolving the issue. For more information on how Intel works to resolve security issues, see:

  • Vulnerability handling guidelines
    Need product support?
    The secure@intel.com e-mail address should only be used for reporting security issues.

    If you...
  • Have questions about the security features of an Intel product
  • Require technical support
  • Want product updates or patches

  • Please visit Support & Downloads.